Go home Ibis, you’re drunk

This morning was kinda tiring, as I had to go to a bunch of shops and buy some stuff, and I was basically all over town. I think I bought two Caligraphy pens from Office Works, looked for a Kindle in the bookstore and JB Hifi as well, browsed EB Games to check out PS4 prices (and nerdy stubby holders) and basically got tired of trying to buy a stairway to heaven on a pensioner budget.

I ended up at Communal, an outdoor bar-and-grill I like, which is in this square at the foot of the city library (the state library is across the river) and ended up having a beer there.

Which an Ibis (native Australian bird we see all the time here, trying to get into bars without ID, all that funny stuff) tried to sneak into, and I  told it to go home, it was drunk.

I mention this solely because I made this bartender I sort of know laugh at that. She said something about how they’re always kicking the ibis’ out. She’s also shown me more hospitality/friendliness than most women in any kind of hospitality/checkout chick type industry has shown me in a long time, but hey… funny bonding moment, right?

I take what I can get. With the way this year’s gone, I kind of need every little thing I can get.


Today was quite non-sucky

Today, my writer’s group met up and did our critiques at the bar and grill we go to for lunch afterwards. It was small, we could talk longer and it was good to see people I hadn’t really seen in a while… including one of the bartenders, who I’m about 45% sure likes me and if nothing else, reminds me of some of my favourite people on Earth, in personality. And earlier last week I managed to get a lot out of my system to a friendly ear (another bar, another “doctor”) and I also feel pretty happy with the way my D&D campaign’s going too, and been having a blast figuring stuff out via rules discussion on reddit. And designing some monsters. Got this butcher zombie that I’m just loving. Got to come up with a baker and a candlestick maker.
I call this last month a win.
PS: Also, someone (she currently can’t name names about authors she’s met, so I won’t name her out of mutual non-naming) came up with a critiquing drinking game. Yes, for real. I made sure she wrote that down. Here’s hoping this happens some time.


I’ve been going out of my mind lately, and just generally freaking out about how much work is involved in getting my writing done and starting to get it out there and seeing some kind of return on it all. And writing some material that isn’t Elemental has had me thinking… what if I hired a ghost writer?

I’d have to work out a fair percentage on royalty, and that would definitely be from the 70% I get from Amazon.

I’d have to see samples of their work, and test them with a couple chapters (get people to duke it out for my amusement? Why yes, yes I shall.)

Quality, professionalism, enthusiasm, ability to capture my particular voice and tone and style, and an interest in my sorts of ideas (and sense of humour) would all play big parts in choosing a ghost writer. Bonus points if they know their way around Word/Scrivener and the formatting process.

The thing is, I’m pretty tired of the *writing* part of Elemental already. Rewriting COF meant leeching the passion from it. I have 6 books to go, and the sheer mountain of writing work yet to do, in this series and in others, is mind boggling. It’s great that I have all these ideas, but man, I’m so tired and grumpy and depressed lately, and a lot of that is biological from chronic, pretty severe depression, anxiety, pessimism, and the effects of sleep apnoea on my brain, plus Asperger’s Syndrome, and how much I still have to do in life….

My anxiety has come back in a big way, and my depression, and my negativity. I’ve got so much on my plate this year, I need help. If I can offload this series to someone capable and trustworthy, that would certainly take a huge chunk off my shoulders, at least.

Something I’m considering, anyway. That and a crowd funding campaign, although I’d also like to do another for medical care as my needs have gotten pretty bad and I’m barely coping. Hence the anguish, above. It’s pretty stressful doing this all on my own, on a pension, without a job (to that end I’ve approached my local shopping centre about some paid work, even if it’s just collecting stuff for them, or cleaning, or whatever) and also I’ve signed up for some free promo stuff on various sites, and I’ll hopefully see some results from that (though I won’t hold my breath, it IS free stuff (spent $10 on one, though, so it’s a combination).

On the other hand, I’ve been binge watching Falling Skies, How I Met Your Mother, and Stargate Universe, some of my favourite series’, as well as getting back into a collection of short stories I’ve been meaning to get back to for months (bad year, this 2016). And my local park has a gym setup, so that’s good too. And I could also give my local 24-hour gym a go with the seven day free trial, if I’m able and it’s still available after Saturday… which is Vision. Yes, I’m *going* to Vision again! Woo!

Carter Grey

Saturday night I started writing a new story, about a former soldier turned security, that I’d been wanting to write for ages but had zero idea of the story for, so I was grinding my teeth trying to get it to start and therefore just figured the only thing I could do was shelve it until I got inspiration at some later point.

I’d written the beginning of a scene, and it was going nowhere, and while I liked it, it just wasn’t working out. Life went to shit this year in a big way, so I had more important things to worry about.

But come the Saturday just gone, I decided on a whim to open the file and look at it about a year after last time.

And the great thing about temporal distance (ie leaving it for a year) is that you can come back to it with fresh ideas. And I’d put so much importance on this one for some reason. Wanted it to be amazing.

Considering I only have one novel done, well, that’s a bit presumptuous. And something just clicked when I did this. Actually, I’d opened up another start to another story in this particular world, and did some light editing on that. One thing led to another, and now I have a story that I’m really loving so far. It’s early days yet, but I think it’s the one.

And, for the first time in ages, I think a new woman in my life might be interested in me. Or at least intrigued by the relative mystery. Friendly and confident, at the very least.

That takes me back.


The Quest For Work

This week in the job hunt, I decided hey, you know who could help me find work with my degree? The university where I got it. The Queensland Writer’s Centre is also a good place to look, they have so many connections, especially domestically. To that end, I asked one of my awesomest lecturers if she’d be a reference for me.

She said yes.

Now my life *might* suck just that one little bit less.

Easter egg: I didn’t know what the usual term for that is, so the words I used were ‘can I cite you as…’. She liked that I didn’t say “put you down as”, because that implies she’s a dog, and that’s just kind of unfortunate. As Archer would say: Ugh, phrasing! (I should probably give that show another go. It ought to count as credit, what with all the literary references and syntactical… stuff. I lent my editing book to my friend, he needs it more than I do.)


Today’s controversial statement: I liked Suicide Squad. Not to the point of buying it when it comes out on DVD, but maybe when it drops in price. Not sure what I thought of Leto’s Joker, as written, but he is really intimidating and it’s not a *bad* Joker – you literally can’t have a bad Joker performance, I don’t think – but we all know who the best Joker of all time is. Yes, that’s right – it’s Mark Hammill. :p  Though I don’t think anyone can really compare to the terror-inducing performance of Ledger. His death was really quite tragic. It’s no surprise that the movie did so well, though it’s impossible to separate the suicide’s timing from the sheer quality of the movie itself.

Other actors of note were Will Smith, Margot Robbie and a couple others, and “Batfleck” was only in it for like two scenes, one as Bats, one as Bruce, and he was passable I guess. I hear he was pretty good in BVS.

The Killing Joke was pretty damn amazing, although the first 30 minutes, up till Batgirl leaves, could have tied in so much more naturally. It could very well have been cut and not affected the movie at all. The movie didn’t really start until much later on. Those sex scenes were controversial, to say the least.

In more positive news, I’ve had a bit of a comedy fix lately, well, last weekend anyway. Gruen returned, and the first episode was freaking hilarious. I connected with a truly amazing internet comedian and one-girl-band, Ali Spagnoli, who is freaking fun to watch in all her glory. When my Netflix finally gets restored I’m going to be watching Bojack Horseman, a really funny comedy about a former 90s sitcom star who’s washed up and hasn’t done shit in 20 years. And is, as the name implies, a horse.

I’ve restarted Crystal City, it just wasn’t working out, it’s not you it’s me, etc etc.

And that’s about it for now.

A film *actually* written by a computer

Yes, we kinda, sort have AI right now. Not true AI, as far as I know. Nothing that would truly pass the Turing test, though I’m not exactly an expert on this. But algorithm-based generation, that’s nothing new – it’s already here, basically, with random generators, of which there are literally millions around the place, though I hear they’re not TRUE random generators, and use some kind of algorithmic sorcery to spit out ‘random’ words.

This program, Benjamin, named itself. It analyzed a bunch of sci fi movie scripts, themes, characters, settings, etc, and the result…


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